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Forensic Services


EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) - With 15 years of computer forensic investigation experience.  Providing computer forensic, e-discovery and network security services to the private investigative, legal, corporate, and accounting communities. 

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Computer Forensic Investigation and e-Discovery - Experience with advanced training in e-discovery, Windows®, internet, email, and encryption, RAID, & smartphone examinations.


Accepted Computer Forensic Methodologies - Document, recover, preserve, examine & report on discovered evidence from electronic sources using accepted forensic industry methodology - includes computers, smartphones & USB devices

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Expert Witness Testimony - Provide qualified forensic testimony in any legal proceedings


Client/Attorney Consultation - Provide consultation on a wide range of technical issues that organizations face in managing their IT and network infrastructure.  This includes creating policies and procedures to align an organizations technical requirements with industry, state anad federal statutes and

other governence requirements


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